A day in the life of a Transpower intern

Hannah Cheng, Intern


What attracted you to intern at Transpower?

Transpower is the backbone of the electricity industry. During my time at university and through networking events, I’d continuously heard about the many great opportunities at Transpower.

What pulled me in was the graduate rotation programme, where you experience a range of Transpower’s different teams, which helps you find a role or area you’d like to pursue. So, you’re almost guaranteed to find where you belong.

The intern programme gave me a head start in my career, helping me familiarise myself with the company and learn about New Zealand’s power industry. New technologies and ways of doing things are a big part of helping achieve New Zealand’s decarbonisation and net-zero carbon goals. Even as an intern at Transpower, you feel like you’re having an impact.

What were you most worried about coming into the programme, and what did you hope to achieve? How has that panned out?

I was worried I would be doing repetitive and boring work as an intern. However, I learned so much through the projects I worked on. Not only about frequency management but also the electricity market and reserves management. Within a short-timeframe, I learnt a lot about the power system and the current and future challenges it faces.

What I hoped to get out of this internship was learning and development of my technical and professional skills which I achieved, with the help of Transpower’s great support system. This showed me just how amazing the people are here.

My time spent in my internship was very valuable and worthwhile.

How do you think this internship will help shape your career/help you achieve your goals?

A good support system is essential to me, but also work that requires some thinking and challenges to get my brain moving. This is exactly what I got from my experience as an intern at Transpower.

The internship provided me with a strong foundation for my career and has shown me that the opportunities within this company for my future development are endless.

My goal is to discover the area within power systems where I belong and, eventually, become an expert in that field, someone that anyone can approach and ask anything they’re curious about. During my internship here, I’ve had the chance to talk to many people from all over the company because everyone is so approachable, they will just come up to you and say ‘Hi’. This experience has helped inform my decision making and my overall development goals.

What are the most exciting/interesting things you have learnt both personally, and professionally?

I've learnt the complexity behind operating the power system, from the electricity market to reserves management and challenges around introducing new technology and generation into the grid.

I've also had the opportunity to present a project to the General Management Team with other interns. This was definitely out of my comfort zone, and my first professional presentation. With support from the organisational development team, I learnt how to prepare and present information in a professional manner, which further developed my confidence in public speaking.