Working at Transpower




Transpower has a vital role in the New Zealand electricity supply industry. We provide the link between generators, distribution and retail companies, ensuring electricity supply for all New Zealanders.

The power behind our business is people. We are always looking for people with the skills and enthusiasm to meet the challenges of keeping the energy flowing to all parts of New Zealand.

Who are we?

We own the country’s transmission assets that, together with the distribution networks, carry electricity from generating stations to the homes and businesses of New Zealand consumers.

As the country’s System Operator, we also co-ordinate and schedule the generation needed at any point in time to meet consumer demand, and ensure that the supply is reliable and secure. Our unique role makes for interesting challenges and cutting-edge projects that can have a major impact on many aspects of New Zealand life.

Why work for us?

We connect New Zealanders to their power system through safe, smart solutions for today and tomorrow, and you can be a part of our important mission.

We face a number of challenges and opportunities in connecting more renewable energy resources to the grid, thereby helping the transition to using more sustainable energy to our homes and businesses; it’s a period of sustained growth, which means exciting career opportunities in a wide range of areas.

We recognise that our most valuable asset is our people and we’re dedicated to encouraging learning and innovation from all of them. We strive to be an employer of choice by providing a positive working environment.

What we stand for

At Transpower our values provide a foundation for our behaviours and interactions with each other, our customers, stakeholders and communities.