Guide to the CCF Expression of Interest

This guide will assist you in understanding the CommunityCare Fund process and also help us to see if your Expression of Interest (EOI) meets the funding criteria to be advanced to Full Application stage.

Once submitted, we review your EOI to ensure basic funding criteria are met before you will be invited to make a Full Application for the nearest open funding round. Because your project might change in the months between submitting an EOI and (if invited) submitting your Full Application, we suggest that you aim to submit your EOI within a month of the EOI closing date.

The closing dates for the two funding rounds are they same each year, and are set out below. 

EOI review periods

Closing dates for submitting EOIs are:

Summer round: 31 October

Winter round: 30 April

We will then make contact with you and either invite you to complete the Full Application process or inform you that your EOI did not meet the funding criteria.

Full Applications due

Closing dates for submitting Full Applications are:

Summer round: 31 January

Winter round: 31 July

The independent panel then meet in March (for the Summer round) and September (for the Winter round), and all applicants are notified shortly after.

Things to include in your submission

Q: Is your organisation...

To be considered for the CCF we’d like an idea of who your organisation is and how you fit into your community. It’s important to us that we are assisting community groups and non-profit organisations. There's a space in the Full Application webform to tell us a bit more about your organisation. 

Q: Total project cost...

How much will it cost to complete your whole project? We like to know if our grant will cover a part of the project or complete the project in its entirety.

Q: Total funding request...

How much money are you asking for from Transpower?

Q: Project classification/category...

We’d like to know how your project fits into the community. This helps us keep track of where the “touch points of need” are in the community and form a picture of the kind of assistance that is needed across New Zealand.

Q: Project summary...

A quick snap shot of what you are planning to do.

Q: Benefits of your project to the community...

What kind of great things are going to happen in your community when you complete your project?