Apply to the CommunityCare Fund

The Transpower CommunityCare Fund assists those communities affected by Transpower assets and projects by investing in community-based projects that add real value and benefit to the community as a whole.

The fund makes one-off grants between $5,000 and $50,000 for projects in communities along the existing National Grid route, as well as communities affected by new Transpower projects.

In addition to applications from communities affected by existing transmission assets Transpower allocates CommunityCare funding in relation to new projects. We are currently seeking applications for projects in communities affected by the Bunnythorpe to Haywards Conductor Replacement Project and the Clutha to Upper Waitaki Lines Project.

Applications for this round of funding close on 31 July 2016.

Who can apply for funding?

Any independent, local, non-profit organisation or community group, non-government organisation, charity, school or educational institution, iwi or regional or district council can apply.

The fund is available to all regions throughout New Zealand affected by Transpower assets. 

You now can check where your community is in relation to our assets with our new interactive map.

The CommunityCare Fund will consider funding for:

  • projects in communities in close proximity to the grid and who are affected by Transpower assets (typically communities no greater than 5 km away from our lines)
  • one-off projects between $5,000-$50,000
  • lasting projects that benefit the wider community
  • projects that have a high level of community involvement and participation
  • committed projects that have already raised some funds from other sources

The CommunityCare Fund will not consider funding for:

  • administrative, operational or ongoing costs, for example, salaries, rent or event/programme costs
  • individuals, political organisations or other foundations that make grants
  • projects generally funded by the government
  • projects that have already been completed
  • projects that compromise Transpower's policies for managing the National Grid

How to apply for funding

Funding applications are reviewed twice yearly by the CommunityCare funding panel. The closing dates for applications are 31 January and 31 July.

Successful organisations will be notified in April and September.

To apply for funding download the application form below. Please feel free to attach any other relevant information and use additional paper if necessary.

Send your completed application form and supporting documents by email to the CommunityCare Fund.  This is our preferred method of receiving applications.

Alternatively, you can mail a copy of your application back to us at:

Transpower CommunityCare Fund
Customers Stakeholders and Environment Team
Transpower New Zealand Ltd
PO Box 1021
Wellington 6140

Please ensure you keep a copy of your funding application.

What should we include/not include in our application?

  • Make sure you answer all questions in the form (incomplete applications may not be processed)
  • Try and answer the questions within the form (we have to look over some 100 applications a funding round - if we can't see what you're wanting simply, you risk being overlooked by our independent panel)
  • Supporting quotes for work to be undertaken are a good idea
  • Supporting letters from community leaders are a good idea
  • Do not send your accounts or your organisation's constitution unless it directly relates to your application (too much information can be just as off-putting for our panel as too little)
  • Ensure you've approved any 'tracked changes' (sending information that looks unfinished or draft does not inspire the panel's confidence that the project will ever get finished either).

What about GST?

It is important to remember that the treatment of GST on your grant application relates to your organisation's GST status. 

  • If you are a non-registered GST organisation then you should ensure that the amount you apply for includes the GST needed to pay the costs of goods and services related to your project that you expect to pay.
  • If you are a GST registered organisation, then you should ensure that the amount you apply for excludes GST on the goods and services needed for your project.  However, on a separate line, the GST that will be incurred against the total application should be detailed.

Further questions on treatment of GST is provided in the documentation below.


CommunityCare Fund Brochure [ pdf 520.92 KB ]
CommunityCare Fund Application Guidelines [ pdf 63.14 KB ]
CommunityCare Fund Application Form [ pdf 69.85 KB ]
CommunityCare Fund Application Form (editable version) [ doc 675 KB ]
GST Questions [ pdf 138.68 KB ]
CommunityCare Fund Grant Report (for completed projects)

Further information

If you have any queries please contact us: