Sharing our stories

Robot our substation eyes and ears

In partnership with Massey University, we're developing a substation robot service to provide rapid, real time situational awareness at some of our most remote sites. We are using a 'Minimum Viable Product' approach to mitigate risks and confirm platform service early.

A step change to climb detection

Small lightweight detectors based on low power, low bandwidth Internet of Things (IoT) devices promise to deliver simple, reliable detection so we can quickly respond to climbing incidents.

The power of cognitive search

Following the success of a machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) innovation sprint in 2017, we see the potential for AI to search, extract and collate expert information for engineers and service providers working on our Grid.

Kanban breaks the backlog

Over the last year, our Enterprise Services Support (ESS) team has used Kanban to significantly reduce incident turnaround times.


A Step Change to Climb Detection [ pdf 874.02 KB ]
Robot our substation eyes and ears [ pdf 584.28 KB ]
The Power of Cognitive Thinking [ pdf 375.29 KB ]
Kanban Breaks the Backlog [ pdf 826.18 KB ]