Te Mauri Hiko - Energy Futures

Generally, trying to predict the future will have one outcome: you will be wrong. But, if you look hard enough at a range of emerging technologies and trends, you can start to build a picture of how the future is likely to look.

Te Mauri Hiko - Energy Futures is an examination of the potential future scenarios that may impact Aotearoa New Zealand's energy future that was developed from strategic work borne out of Transmission Tomorrow. 

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A closer examination

As our understanding of variables affecting future scenarios in Transmission Tomorrow and Te Mauri Hiko become more refined, we will release reports related to key topics. We are sharing information in an attempt to help industry, government, and consumers better understand the challenges and opportunities we are likely to experience in the years and decades ahead. It is our hope this information can spark a conversation that can help enable the decarbonisation of New Zealand's economy in the most efficient way possible.

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