HVDC bi-pole trip and change to under frequency reserve risk: technical commentary

On 11 December Transpower’s HVDC equipment suffered a bi-pole trip while transferring 90 MW to the North Island. The cause was unexpected and, while an explanation was quickly found, it was deemed necessary to change the risk treatment of bi-pole trip risk from ECE to CE until a fix could be determined. This change in risk status, with consequent market impacts, lasted 8 days until an interim fix to the faulted assets could be implemented.  A permanent fix will be developed and implemented in 2016. 

Transmission Pricing 2011

From April 2008, Transpower is required to use the Electricity Authority's Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM) to allocate Transpower's revenue requirement via connection, interconnection and HVDC charges for its customers.

Energy use forecasting for heat pumps 2008

In 2008 BRANZ Ltd undertook a heat pump study report titled Active Cooling and Heat Pump Use in New Zealand. In order to fully understand the effect that this increase in heat pumps is having on the power system, and what effect it may have into the future, Transpower commissioned BRANZ to extend its research and evaluate the impact of heat pumps on the demand for electricity,