2017 Annual Report and Review

This 2017 Annual Review (online only) is an integrated report of our activities and their alignment to our strategic priorities. The 2017 Annual Report is a print-friendly PDF file that includes our chair and chief executive review, full financial statements, disclosures and independent auditor’s report. We are continually improving our statutory reporting documents to make them more accessible to a wider range of people, while our evolving approach to increased environmental and social governance (ESG) measures in our reporting.

Statement of Corporate Intent 2015/16

This statement is submitted by the Board of Directors of Transpower New Zealand Limited, in accordance with Section 14 of the State-Owned Enterprises Act 1986. It sets out the Board’s overall intentions and objectives for Transpower New Zealand Limited and its subsidiary companies for the year commencing 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2018.