Bunnythorpe-Haywards A and B Replacement Project - Waikanae

Waikanae Section 2019

Transpower will be completing the final section of the conductor replacement project over October and November of 2019.  These conductors are nearly 40 years old and need to be replaced to ensure the continued supply of electricity on the National Grid.

The Landowner resources for this part of the project are provided below:

Project Information

Bunnythorpe-Haywards Waikanae Work Overview [ pdf 430.61 KB ] September 2019
Catenary Support System Fact Sheet [ pdf 1.66 MB ] September 2019
Catenary Support Video September 2019
Landowner Health and Safety Information Sheet [ pdf 480.24 KB ] 2016
EMF information sheet [ pdf 294.67 KB ] April 2016


Generic Information Contains
Working on Your Land Book Information about how to work with transmission lines on your land.
Landowner Guides List of resources for landowners covering our activity on their land