Central Park–Wilton 'B' Reconductoring Project

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Central Park-Wilton 'B' line
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We need to continually operate, maintain and develop New Zealand's transmission network - the National Grid - to ensure we meet the ongoing electricity needs of New Zealanders.

Central Park–Wilton 'B' transmission line experiences heavy salt corrosion and high winds due to being close to the exposed Wellington southern and western coasts. Deterioration of the conductor (wire) has reached a point where replacement is required to continue to provide a safe transmission service.

This line not only helps provide supply to Wellington CBD and southern suburbs, but also connects to the West Wind Generation station. The line crosses mainly Wellington City Council land, including Polhill Reserve, Zealandia and Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park.



What are we doing

The reconductoring works involves pulling replacement conductors through running blocks placed on each tower and then clamped into place.

We have set up work sites at the Wilton substation, tower 14 via Makara Peak mountain bike park and at tower 26 which is accessed from Durham Street (and on the Transient track in Polhill Reserve).  The new conductor will be pulled between these sites. 

The new conductor will be attached to the steel cables and pulled into position where it is then tensioned or sagged to the correct position and clamped into place. 

Due to the safety risk of a line dropping while being pulled, access to the tracks directly under the lines will be restricted. This will happen over three periods of 4 to 10 days from mid-February to the end of March 2019 when the heavy cables are being replaced.

Please note that Transient track will be closed between tower 26 and Karepa Street from February to mid-April. The work site around tower 26 will be considered a live electrical site (110 kV). The area will be securely fenced off as access must be restricted.


When are we doing it

The conductor between Wilton Substation and tower 14 will occur between mid-January and early February 2019. Stop/Go measures will be in place on Makara Rd at periods during this time.

The conductor between towers 14 and 26 will occur throughout February and March 2019. Access to tracks in Polhill and Makara Peak that are directly under the line will be closed for a few days at a time during this period.