Central Park–Wilton 'B' Transmission Capacity Investigation

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Central Park-Wilton 'B' line
Line length
Conductor replacement by
or alternate investment

We need to continually operate, maintain and develop New Zealand's transmission network - the National Grid - to ensure we meet the ongoing electricity needs of New Zealanders.

We have identified that the Central Park–Wilton 'B' transmission line in Wellington will require its conductor (ie wire) replaced by 2020.  This line not only helps provide supply to Wellington CBD and southern suburbs, but also connects to the West Wind Generation station.



A need to investigate

Before we replace the conductor on this line we need to make sure that from an economic perspective, it is the best option to undertake.  There may be other options including new generation, demand response, smaller or larger capacity conductor, or a new substation that alone or in combination with each other could avoid or defer our need to replace this conductor.


Why we're doing it

Central Park–Wilton 'B' transmission line experiences heavy salt corrosion and high winds due to being close to the exposed Wellington southern and western coasts.  Deterioration of the conductor has reached a point where replacement in the near future is required in order to continue to provide a safe transmission service.