CommunityCare Fund expression of interest form

The application process

To be considered for a CommunityCare Fund grant, you will need to submit an Expression of Interest. If your Expression of Interest meets the established funding criteria ("Who can apply for funding?"), you will then be invited to make a Full Submission to provide more detail about your project and its benefits to the wider community.

At this stage, we just need understand if your proposal meets the funding criteria so the Expression of Interest form is short. We recommend reading the short guide to preparing an Expression of Interest (opens in a new window) to see what information you need to provide for each question in the Expression of Interest form. At this stage the form cannot be saved for submitting later (we're working on that though).

The Expression of Interest form is below.

Organisation Details
Please provide information about the organisation that will be applying for a CCF grant.
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Contact details
Please let us know who we should contact about this submission.
Project Details
You may provide a location by dropping a pin on the map. To do this, simply scroll to the correct location and click or select within the map to drop a pin. If you need to remove a pin, simply click or select it. If you prefer to provide a street address, you may do so in the box immediately below the map.
Project classification / category
Project description