Grid Skills course resources

These course materials are available to help you gain a better understanding of pre- and post- block requirements, before booking into a course. These resources will change from time to time. 

Note:  Learners should always download and use the version in MySkills to ensure they are working with the latest version.

Below are the post block course assessments by course current as at 1 March 2020.

Compliance Courses

Substation Entry 2 (SE2)
SE2 On Job Observation

Work Management (WM)
WM On Job Observation

Permit Recipient (PR)
PR On Job Observation

Substation Trade Courses

Field Operator (FO)
FO On Job Assessment

Maintenance Switcher (MS)
MS On Job Assessment

Substation Maintainer Core 1 (SMC1)
SMC1 On Job Assessment
SMC1 Research Project

Substation Maintainer (SMC2)

Substation Maintainer (SMC3)

Transmission Lines Trade Courses

Transmission Lines 1 (TL1)
TL1 On Job Assessment

Transmission Lines 2 (TL2)
TL2 On Job Assessment

Transmission Line Mechanic (TLM)
TLM On Job Assessment

Transmission Lines 2- Tower Structure Maintainer (TL2-TSM)
TL2-TSM On Job Assessment

Tower Structure Maintainer (TSM)
TSM - On Job Observations

Permit Recipient - Tower Structure Maintainer (PR-TSM)

PR-TSM On Job Assessment

Foundations (F)
F - On Job Assessment

Patrols (P)
P - On Job Assessment

Condition Assessor (CA)
CA - On Job Assessment

Vegetation Control (VC)
VC - On Job Assessment

Minor Steel Replacement (MSR)
MSR - On Job Assessment

Live Lines (LL)



SM Core 1_Research project.pdf [ pdf 459.17 KB ]
SM Core 1_OJA.pdf [ pdf 1.28 MB ]
MS_OJA_Pv1.2.pdf [ pdf 2.94 MB ]
FO_OJA_Pv2.4.pdf [ pdf 3.35 MB ]
WM.OJO_.publish.pdf [ pdf 2.56 MB ]
PR_OCA_v1.2.pdf [ pdf 10.56 MB ]
TL1 OJA_Pv2.3 (1).pdf [ pdf 2.91 MB ]
TL2 OJA_Pv2.9 (1).pdf [ pdf 3.84 MB ]
TLM_OJA_Pv1.8.pdf [ pdf 11.87 MB ]
CA_OJA_Dv2.3 (1).pdf [ pdf 3.89 MB ]
TL2 TSM OJA_Pv1.6.pdf [ pdf 6.48 MB ]
PRTSM_OJA_D2.1.pdf [ pdf 12.22 MB ]
MSR_OJA_Pv2.3.pdf [ pdf 3.38 MB ]
F_OJA_v1.2.pdf [ pdf 7.32 MB ]
PAT_OJA_Pv1.3.pdf [ pdf 3.54 MB ]
VC_OJA_v1.5.pdf [ pdf 5.27 MB ]
TSM_BCA_OJA_Pv1.pdf [ pdf 1.76 MB ]
SE2_OJ0_2020.pdf [ pdf 685.67 KB ]