HVDC: consultation archive

 Interim Work Phase (IWP)

Transpower began consulting on the need for an HVDC replacement in May 2007. The table below summarises the key activities in the IWP.

IWP timetable

Item Description Phase Timing
Submission period Transpower publishes proposed HVDC options, methodologies and assumptions information papers IWP 22 May - 22 June 2007


Options Workshop Review of Transpower’s approach, methodology and HVDC options IWP 8 June 2007


Part F Timetable and Consultation Process Transpower's workshop on proposed Part F process and timings. Requests submissions IWP 1 August 2007


Part F Timetable

The Part F consultation commencing in September 2007, followed conclusion of the IWP and reflects the requirements Transpower must meet for an economic investment under Part F of the Electricity Governance Rules.  The table below identifies the key activities.

During this time, Transpower stood down the existing Pole 1 of the HVDC.

Part F Timetable

Item Description Timing
HVDC Databook Transpower publishes HVDC Databook – alternatives, methodologies and assumptions to use in GIT analysis 28 September 2007


Briefing session Transpower to update stakeholders on Options Ranking, Generation expansion modelling and timeline for consultation on Transpower's application of GIT 25 October
Consultation & Submission period Transpower publishes and consults on its application of the GIT  
Consultation forums Transpower holds consultation forums  
Investment Proposal Transpower submits HVDC Investment Proposal to the Electricity Commission as part of a Grid Upgrade Plan May 2008

In August 2007, in order to facilitate a timely consideration and submission of any proposal, Transpower divided the project into two workstreams to run concurrently:

  • HVDC Pole 1 retirement workstream
  • HVDC Pole 1 replacement workstream