About outage planning

Outage planning is managed by the Grid Asset Operations Outage Planning & Co-ordination Team. 

Approach to 2018 outage planning

  • Our Grid Asset Operations Outage Planning & Co-ordination Team have completed our 2018-19 draft outage plan, which is available below.
  • We intend to have a final Annual Outage Plan published by 19 May 2018.
  • Please note that not all outages in the draft plan have been approved. Lodged outages are still being evaluated through customer and service provider visits. These lodged outages will not appear in POCP.

What we do

We focus on the following areas:

  • managing operational risk
    • providing information in a timely manner
    • identifying, analysing, mitigating and managing risk
    • maintaining outage impact information
  • producing a two-year Outage Plan
    • collaborating with Works Planning and other stakeholders to ensure a two-year rolling Outage Plan is developed, published and agreed
  • co-ordinating outages effectively
    • maximising asset availability while minimising impacts on customers
    • gaining agreement to plan variations
  • assuring outages are optimised by collaborating with Delivery Planning and integrating with other stakeholders
  • optimising outages
    • assessing, scheduling and agreement of outage requirements
    • taking ownership of the end-to-end outage process
  • planning grid access
    • liaising with stakeholders (Maintenance, Projects, service providers, System Operator and customers)
    • distributing operational switching and access requirements in a timely manner.

Contact us

If you have any questions or feedback on Outage Publication, please contact Andrew Twaddle, Works Co-ordination Manager.

Email Andrew


2018 -2019 Draft AOP.xlsx [ xlsx 274.06 KB ]
Annual Plan 2017-2018.xlsx [ xlsx 355.7 KB ]
Annual Plan 2016-2017 [ xlsx 106.37 KB ]
Annual Plan 2015-2016 [ xlsx 91.41 KB ]
Annual Plan 2014-2015 [ xlsx 102.86 KB ]
Annual Plan 2013-2014 [ xls 135.5 KB ]
Annual Plan 2012-2013 [ xls 166.29 KB ]
Annual Plan 2011-2012 [ xls 505.5 KB ]
Annual Plan 2010-2011 [ xls 430.5 KB ]
Annual Plan 2009-2010 [ xls 574 KB ]