Operational Review 2

Under the Electricity Industry Participation Code, we can undertake operational reviews of the Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM) and propose changes to the Electricity Authority.
The Electricity Authority recently announced that it now expects to make a final decision on whether to issue a new Transmission Pricing Methodology Guidelines in 2018.  Given this timeframe, we believe that there is an opportunity for us to undertake an operational review (Operational Review 2) that will achieve real benefits to the industry and electricity consumers.
Although separate to the wider Electricity Authority’s TPM review, Operational Review 2 provides a way to bring forward implementation and benefits of some technical elements of the Electricity Authority’s wider proposals, and tidy up the current TPM to make it easier to understand.
We are asking for feedback on the below consultation paper as part of undertaking an Operational Review 2. We welcome feedback to help us determine:
  1. whether Operational Review 2 would be worthwhile, and
  2. if so, what its scope should be.
The Electricity Authority sees Operational Review 2 as complementary to their wider proposal and is supportive of us undertaking this process. Any proposals made following consultation will be subject to their approval.
Any queries regarding Operational Review 2 or the consultation paper can be directed to TPMsubmissions@transpower.co.nz.

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