Our Auckland Strategy

Our thinking

We recognise the continued importance of electricity in fulfilling Auckland’s economic and social needs as more and more people call Auckland ‘home’ each and every day.  As the national grid owner and operator we are asking ourselves, how can we support Auckland City’s future and vision. How does that fit into our work now and the importance of electricity transmission into and across Auckland for the future?

We have an Auckland Strategy that is looking specifically at electricity transmission into and across Auckland.  It will answer the question: based on what we know now and what Auckland sees in its future, how can we best manage and support Auckland into that future? In answering that question, we will look to provide options that are both technically and commercially feasible and where possible involve rationalising (over time) our overhead footprint. We will be asking our communities, industries and other infrastructure players how they can help us plan the National Grid and be part of those conversations.


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If you would like to be part of our Auckland conversations, or find out that the team is working on, please call Selina Corboy on 021 805 861 or email: Selina.Corboy@transpower.co.nz