Substations training

Transpower’s Service Specification TP.SS 06.21 sets out the minimum levels of competence required for transmission workers engaged in inspecting, constructing, maintaining, testing or dismantling transmission assets in substations on the National Grid.

This includes those entering Transpower restricted areas for other work for Transpower or connected party operations.

Grid Skills provides the training to deliver the skills and knowledge required to meet the competency pathway for substations. When added to experience gained in the workplace, it will lead to workers gaining the necessary competence to carry out their required work.

Substation training is split into three main areas:

Substation Entry

This training is required for anyone entering a restricted area and is made up of two training modules; Substation Induction (SI) and Restricted Area Entry (RAE). Once training has been undertaken, further competency assessment must be completed by the worker's employee to deem an individual competent.

Substation Technical

This training is for anyone who needs to carry out any work within a substation and consists of a number of different training modules to provide the necessary knowledge and skills towards the competency required. Training provided in this area is far more detailed and involved, and the courses are more technical in nature.

Substation Refresher

Training that must be maintained regularly is provided via refresher courses. This training, shorter in duration than the original course, is focused on the core skills to be maintained.

List of substation training courses  [ pdf 176.8 KB ]