RCP3 Proposal: Securing our energy future 2020 – 2025

The Proposal

Our proposal to the Commerce Commission for how we will operate, maintain and invest in the grid from 1 July 2020 - 30 June 2025 is now available. The proposal has been submitted to the Commerce Commission and includes our proposed cost forecasts and performance targets.

The RCP3 proposal submission to the Commerce Commission includes the documents listed below.

Main Proposal

Regulatory Templates and Revenue Model


Pre-proposal public consultation

Prior to finalising our proposal we reached out to industry, special interest groups, and members of the public to seek consultation on our RCP3 proposal. Our consultation document Securing Our Energy Future 2020 -2025 was provided at that time. We encouraged stakeholders to help us shape our RCP3 proposal and received submissions which may be viewed here.

Securing our Energy Future pt1

Securing our Energy Future pt2

Pre-proposal focus groups

As part of our consultation process we hosted a focus group session on Wednesday 8 August 2018 linking our offices in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. You can access the focus group slides here.

Transpower Service Measures Refresh

We undertook a process to refresh our service measures (last set in 2013) for the 2020-25 Regulatory Control Period (RCP3).

These service measures are measures of our transmission services (like availability and reliability of the network) that we propose, and our regulator (the Commerce Commission) determines, at the commencement of each Regulatory Control Period (RCP). They are used to gauge our performance and, where appropriate, incentivise good and penalise poor performance. A major part of the refresh is consultation with our customers, interested consumer groups and the general public.

A timeline of the consultation process we undertook is provided below:

What When Documentation Submissions by Make online submission
Engagement - Process Document 2 November 2016

Transpower Services Engagement Paper [ pdf 2.32 MB ] 

Service Performance Measures - Customer Feedback Summary [ pdf 294.2 KB ]

Summary Customer Feedback [ pdf 1.61 MB ]

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Focus Group Session 16 February 2017 Service Performance Measure Refresh RCP3 [ pdf 512.37 KB ] NA NA
Engagement - Service Measures Engagement paper 5 April 2017

Engagement Paper 2 [ pdf 1.21 MB ]

Service Engagement Submissions [ pdf 1.06 MB ]

Service Performance Measures Feedback Summary - May 2017 [ pdf 827.42 KB ]

28 April 2017 Complete
System Operations Industry Workshop - Christchurch 3 April 2017 Service Performance Measure Refresh [ pdf 1.15 MB ]   Complete
System Operations Industry Workshop - Wellington 6 April 2017     Complete
System Operations Industry Workshop - Auckland 7 April 2017     Complete
Regional Session - Hastings 18 April 2017     Complete
Regional Sessions - Dunedin 19 April 2017     Complete
Services Report (2017 ITP) September 2017 2017 Services Report    
Engagement – Service Measures and Asset Health Engagement Paper 14 June 2018

Engagement Paper 3 [ pdf 880.53 KB ]

Feedback Summary - July 2018 [ pdf 421.32 KB ]

Service measure AP1 (HVDC availability): additional information - July 2018 [ pdf 483.77 KB ]

28 June 2018 N/A
Focus Group Session - Service Measures and Asset Health 21 June 2018 Focus group session slides [ pdf 507.15 KB ] 28 June 2018 N/A

Additional information

Our submission on the Commerce Commission’s paper of 7 February 2019, Transpower’s individual price-quality path for the next regulatory control period: issues paper is here [ pdf 1.41 MB ], with a supplementary table here [ pdf 457.8 KB ]. Our cross-submission on other stakeholder's submissions on the paper is here [ pdf 628.8 KB ].

You can find out more about the Commerce Commission's evaluation of our RCP3 proposal here

For any further information, please contact us at RCP3@transpower.co.nz.

Associated documents

ICT Requirements and Strategy​

ICT Strategy 2016 [ pdf 785.7 KB ]