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Statutory Rights

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If you're a landowner or occupier of property under our 12,000km of lines, towers and poles then you're an important part of our day-to-day work.

At times we will need to access your property to inspect, maintain, operate, or upgrade our lines, supporting assets and access tracks. Our rights and obligations to do so are either covered by legislation or agreement.


For most landowners, we can accommodate your access requirements within our existing systems. However, if you have specific and more complex access arrangements, we may wish to seek a formal agreement with you. We’ll touch base with you if we believe it might be mutually beneficial to have such an agreement.

We have two types of agreement that provide those benefits – Easement Agreements and Land Access Management Agreements.

Easement Agreement

An easement agreement is always required when we build new lines and may be necessary when we upgrade existing lines. It covers our access obligations and rights as well as legally describing the property interest that we purchase from you.

We will seek an easement on your land when we are planning a new line route over your land or if we are undertaking upgrade work on your property that goes beyond the level of changes that we can make under the Electricity Act. An easement is a property interest registered on the certificate of title for the property.

New Lines

Whenever we build a new line, we will negotiate an easement with you as a landowner for towers or lines planned on or over your property. The compensation or purchase price of the easement will be based on the market value of the land required and will be undertaken by a registered valuer.

Existing Lines

For existing lines, if we undertake any upgrade work that results in any 'injurious affect' to your land, we will negotiate an easement from you just as we do for new lines. Compensation for this sort of easement would be based on the difference between the value of property assessed before and after registration of the easement.

Injurious affection is the permanent loss of value to land.


Land Access and Management Agreement

In complex access cases, we may suggest a Land Management Access Agreement with you to gather all of our respective legislative responsibilities into one agreement, tailored for your needs as property owner.

Check out our standard template for the Land Management Agreement at the bottom of the page for more information.

Email us if you would like to talk to us about a Land Management Agreement

In the absence of any agreement between us, our rights to access, inspect, operate and maintain our lines on your property are from various historical legislation that is brought together in the Electricity Act 1992.


Statutory Rights

Our rights to enter land, and work and maintain most of our lines originate from the Electricity Act 1992.

There are other statutes which impact on our relationship too.

Contacting Us

The conduct of our staff and service providers on your property is very important to us.  We are interested in receiving any feedback that you have about our service, both positive and negative.  Use the contact form below to tell us, or call us on 0508 LANDOWNER.


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