New grid maintenance and project services contracts signed

30 April 2012

Pictured from left: John Stewart (ABB), Mark Stevenson (ABB), Sean Horgan (Northpower), Grant Gillard (ABB), David Hukins (Transfield Services), Bruce James (Transfield Services), Rob Caldwell (ElectroNet), Steve Webster (Transfield Services), Mark GatlandThe new contracts for Grid Maintenance and Project Services were officially signed on 28 March, marking a milestone in Transpower's contract procurement programme.

Transpower CEO Patrick Strange and the project team joined Chief Executives from ABB, Electrix, ElectroNet Transmission, Transfield Services Limited and Northpower to sign the contracts at a small ceremony which took place at Transpower House in Wellington.

The contract procurement programme is designed to take a longer-term planning approach that will be carried out jointly with Transpower's Service Providers. It also focuses on relationship management and moves towards a more collaborative, partnership-type approach to working arrangements. Relationship Charters will be created jointly with each of the Service Providers to ensure these goals are met.

The new contracts cover a nine year period, and officially come into effect on 1 July.