Transpower’s Demand Response Programme Open for Business

24 August 2015

Transpower today launched its latest Demand Response Programme and is inviting
energy consumers to be involved. The programme targets specific areas throughout
New Zealand, and also encourages new sectors including agri-business, campus-style
organisations and businesses using battery-based technology to participate.

Through its Demand Response Programme, Transpower is able to manage peak
demand by contracting consumers to manage their energy use, in return for a
payment. Once accepted into the programme, participants can earn a recurring
availability payment for committing to the programme, as well as a payment for
reducing load during specific demand response events. 

Transpower’s Demand Response Manager Quintin Tahau said that the programme is
designed to build capability for demand response in areas where demand may
constrain the transmission network in the future.

“Emerging technologies like demand response are playing an important role, not only
for end-users who consume electricity, but also in how the National Grid is operated.
Demand response can help us plan a grid that delivers smart, flexible, cost-effective
solutions for all New Zealand electricity consumers.”

Until now, demand response has been primarily focused on traditional aggregate or
industry providers and more recently, exclusively on commercial buildings. 

“We are currently looking for participants located in South Auckland around Otahuhu
and Wiri, as well as in Timaru, Oamaru and surrounding areas to participate in the
programme. We’re also keen to talk to consumers involved in agribusiness like dairy
farmers and irrigation companies, campus-based organisations like tertiary education
institutions or hospitals, and organisations that are using or planning to use batteries,
either for storage or as emergency power supply,” he said.

“For participants, demand response is a smart business decision that delivers a
positive return. Reducing demand might mean using an alternative energy source,
turning off non-essential appliances, or moving business activities outside the
demand response event window. It may seem complex, but it’s a very easy process
to be involved in.” 

“The energy environment is continually changing and is still relatively uncertain in
predicting future demand trends and growth. Using demand response allows us to
defer costly transmission investment without compromising grid reliability or supply.”

Demand response is used by transmission companies around the world to help
manage constraints and maintain lower charges for transmission services. 

Those interested in applying for a place in the programme, or finding out more, can
visit or download our free demand
response app from the Apple store.

For further information, please contact: 
Rebecca Wilson, Corporate Communications Manager, 04 590 6695 or 021 578 608