Gone phishing

It's easy to get hooked by a phishing scam if you aren't careful. 

If you are a Transpower employee with access to MyT, you can learn more about cybersecurity with our online learning tools.

  1. Go to the Volt.
  2. Click on the MyT link in the MyTools section to the right of the news. (If you have removed MyT as a default tool, you may find it by clicking "Show more tools".)
  3. Select "My performance and development".
  4. Browse for training using the key word "cyber".


Over-frequency reserve

Over-frequency reserve is provided by generating units that can be armed when required and automatically disconnected from the power system due to a sudden rise in system frequency.

This could be due to an unplanned loss of a large industrial load or the tripping of the HVDC link.

We may enter into over-frequency reserve contracts with parties who can offer over-frequency reserve compliant with our technical requirements and the Code.