RCP3 decision

On 29 August 2019, the Commerce Commission issued its final decision on our expenditure allowances, quality standards and service performance measures for RCP3. You can find all of the relevant documents, including the draft decision of 29 May 2019 and the final Individual Price-Quality Path Determination of 14 November 2019, by visiting the Commission's website, here


Wind Generation

The nature of the New Zealand power system (small and islanded) means there are technical requirements for new generation that can be more onerous than those found in other countries.


New Generation Investment

Parties considering wind generation investment in New Zealand (whether likely to be grid connected or not) should contact Transpower as soon as possible to discuss connection and/or asset owner obligations.

Waikato and Upper North Island Voltage Management - Long-list consultation submissions and responses

In response to our consultation document we received 16 non-confidential submissions (as per below).  A summary of submissions and our response is also available below. Please note: confidential submissions (1) and other confidential information received from submitters has not been published here.  

Remote Access Service (RAS)

Transpower has a Remote Access Service (RAS), which approved people can login to from anywhere using an internet connection. This service enables people to connect to Transpower applications from their home or remote office.