Find out the answers to the most common questions about RedEye DMS and Drawings policies and procedures.

Group administration and reporting

Can we have more than one group admin?

What happens if you delete a group?

How do you issue construction drawings that traditionally have temporary drawing numbers?

TP Approval - Is this a technical review?

Not all projects have Maximo codes (like BAU work) how do we create groups for them?

A person is EMS, so has an EMS email not a Transpower address. They have to sign in using a password. Will EMS people be added so they can use SSO?

Printing at higher DPI level, is this possible? 300 seems to be the highest setting.


drawings lifecycle

How are sequence drawings dealt with?

Could you provide clarity around when Issued for Tender would happen?

What is the turnaround on the Approval steps?

Detailed Design Review - Why would you Decline a drawing you just checked in?

Does TP.AG.10.05 have the workflow diagrams?



IST document workflow - is that different? Is there separate training for it?

I would suggest one email a day, too many emails per drawing notification.

How will we get the Redeye authenticator – not all Service Provider’s have smart phones?

In my opinion, there are too many email approvals from Redeye, why is this?

What time of day do we get notifications?

Are we supplying new screens and iPads for Service Providers?

It would be good to use GIS platform to locate drawings?

Can we load photos?

How do we get Paper redlines back into system from SP projects- without EC checking them out/in?

How will groups be setup at go-live?

Is there an ability to print & mark up for review process, OR using /saving PDF commented file for responding to review request?

Is it true that wrapping a Transpower border around a Manufacturer border may be wrapping more borders (tunnel vision)?

Is search upper or lower case specific?

Do we have to be the group admin or can I delegate to my EC?

How many bulk actions can we perform at once? i.e. can we download an entire site of drawings?

The Towers Library for PLSCADD. Will requesting/returning tower lines still be using the same system or will that be incorporated into RedEye on roll out further down the line?

Is there a full screen preview of drawing?

How can a designer print many drawings. ie thousands a site for paper review?

When scanning an as-built drawing with Mark-ups, what is the prefferred file format? 

What is the PDF/X-3 option when printing an artefact from the artefact page?



What is the process for SLD/RID? Do they make children throughout project lifecycle?

Drawings that outline parts that are no longer required but are needed for existing towers?

Don’t change folder references?

Are there rules for mark-up colours?

I have some drawings from old projects that are not loaded onto Transpower's Drawings Management system, what should I do?

Do Mutual Interest drawings run through the same workflow process?

What’s happening with M.I. Cat drawings?

Do MI Cat 3 drawings need to be updated with QR code – how will we do this?

New TO number for multi-sheet drawings, will that be a new number per template?

Will the DMM team reply to reported items in RedEye?



Where do I go for technical tools assistance?

Where do I go for network issues?

Where do I go for policy guidance or QA?

How do we handle confidential drawings?

Is the help desk on Australian time? How do we get coverage at the start of the day?

Why can't we just email the DM to create more group Administrators rather than do it in Redeye?

I get spam emails and security block them, can we get IT to allow redeye related emails through?



Manufacturers drawings: who is uploading? How do we enter PDF's or DWG with non std tp border? What about orientation?

Is there a template preference size?

What happens to current drawings checked out?

How do I add a sheet to an existing drawing?

Reviewing MF drawings that require several iterrations. We shouldn't have to apply a template each review?

How are we going to handle life cycle drawing revision sequences?

How do we transfer drawing ownership when a draftie leaves?

How do we handle multiple children within a project?

Do we need to replace old title borders?

Can Draft Users download files to work on without checking it out so they don't have check in issues if someone else returns the drawing?

How early do they upload files for approval if a construction set needs to go out within a day? Possible bottle necks at approval.

How do you know which template numbers have been allocated to you or were generated by you? Group could have multiple users generating the TP Numbers. How do you ensure you use only the numbers you generated?

Where does RedEye put the downloaded drawings?

Templates; are we drawing in paper space or model space?

Potential Household Solar Generation

All about solar

Have you ever wondered what the impacts on the power system are if everyone put solar panels on their roof? Here at Transpower, so have we.

We need to understand what electricty flows into and out of a region might be at different times of the day and therefore what changes we might need to make to the Grid to enable new technologies such as PV to be widely used.

Operational Review 2

Latest update: January 2018

In June 2017, we released an Invitation to Comment on a possible Operational Review 2 of the Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM). This was following the Electricity Authority announcement that it needed to prepare a new cost-benefit analysis before any decisions could be made about its review into the TPM Guidelines.