Our connection process

Transpower's connection process adapts to fit the needs of your connection.  A large complex connection might take over 3 years, a small discrete and simple connection might take less than 18 months.  Our connections process diagram provides a matrix of timing based on your connection.


TPM Development: TPM Options Consultation

TPM Options Consultation

This consultation sought feedback on our initial thinking on options for the benefit-based charge (BBC) and for adjustments to the BBC and residual charges (Adjustments), both mandatory components of the new TPM. The BBC and Adjustments components are inter-related, so we consulted on them jointly. 

All consultation documents, submissions, cross-submissions and our summary and response document can be found below. 

The power of cognitive search

Following the success of a machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) innovation sprint in 2017, we see the potential for AI to search, extract and collate expert information for engineers and service providers working on our Grid.

Operational Review 2 - 2017

Latest update: January 2018

In June 2017, we released an Invitation to Comment on a possible Operational Review 2 of the Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM). This was following the Electricity Authority announcement that it needed to prepare a new cost-benefit analysis before any decisions could be made about its review into the TPM Guidelines.