Invitation to Comment: Annual Security Assessment Scenarios and Sensitivities

Transpower, as the system operator, is responsible for publishing an annual security of supply assessment. This assessment provides a ten-year view (2021 to 2030) of the balance between supply and demand in the New Zealand electricity system.  

The assessment will use a range of scenarios and sensitivities. Scenarios are intended to provide a range of plausible futures for forecasting security of supply margins. Sensitivities allow us to explore uncertainties that will typically cover most, if not all scenarios.

Our connection process

Transpower's connection process adapts to fit the needs of your connection.  A large complex connection might take over 3 years, a small discrete and simple connection might take less than 18 months.  Our connections process diagram provides a matrix of timing based on your connection.


April 2022

The Regional Coincident Peak Demand (RCPD) information on this page relates to the April 2021 pricing year and has been assessed over the related capacity measurement period (CMP) - 1 September 2020 to 31 August 2021. The peak periods were determined following the application of adjustments allowed under the Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM) including Exceptional Operating Circumstances (EOCs), and notional embedding/prudent discount agreements to reconciled metering data related to customer/connection locations subject to interconnection transmission charges.

The power of cognitive search

Following the success of a machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) innovation sprint in 2017, we see the potential for AI to search, extract and collate expert information for engineers and service providers working on our Grid.