NMIR Project Deployment Supporting Information and Resources

National Market for Instantaneous Reserves - Background

On 20th October 2016 Transpower deployed the National Market for Instantaneous Reserves (NMIR) project, a joint initiative between Transpower and the Electricity Authority.

The project was part of the Reserves and Frequency Management Programme and introduced changes required to create a national market for reserves by allowing reserves to be procured in one island to cover generation risk in the other.

Software Specifications

Transpower as System Operator provides software specifications for core market system solvers.  Software specifications are used as the basis for software audits and by industry participants to assist in their understanding of how the Wholesale Electricity Market functions.

RMT Specification

This document is the functional specification for the System Operator’s Reserve Management Tool (RMT). This application software is used by the System Operator to calculate the instantaneous reserves required to meet the Reserve Management Objective.

Impact of thermal generator decommissioning

Transpower as System Operator has undertaken analysis to determine what the impacts of the decommissioning of Otahuhu Power Station, Southdown Power Station and the last 2 Rankine generating units at Huntly Power Station will have on operation of the power system and security of supply.

Latest information

On 30 June 2017 we published some options to relieve Central North Island transmission constraints.  

Voltage support

Voltage support is provided by generating units or static equipment capable of producing or absorbing reactive power. This is done to maintain voltages on the system within Code limits.

We may enter into voltage support contracts with parties who can offer voltage support compliant with our technical requirements and the Code.

Voltage support is procured on a firm quantity procurement basis (via a monthly availability fee and/or a single event fee for a specified MVAr availability).