HVDC 2020 Outage FAQs

We have listed below common questions we have received from industry along with our responses. We will continue to update this section and share with participants any updates.


Can you please provide further clarification of the HVDC limits during the HVDC 2020 outages?

System Operator Response, 8 August 2019:

Conflict of Interest

Transpower as an SOE carries out a role of great significance and value in managing and maintaining New Zealand’s national electricity grid and in co-ordinating the power system. Transpower’s position as system operator and as grid owner puts it in a position whereby our decisions can materially affect the interests of electricity market participants.  Conflicts of interest may arise in the performance of Transpower’s functions.

Local Quality Agreements

Transpower as the system operator has agreed to publish the transitional LQA agreement that parties entered into just before the EGRs became effective in 2004.

This was intended to negate the need for a rule change under the EGRs. Publication of this agreement and the schedule will considerably improve transparency for Asset Owners on the voltage profiles that we manage for agreed parts of the grid.

Load Forecasting


Transpower as system operator prepares a forecast of demand at conforming grid exit points (GXPs) for each trading period. This information is a key input into the market schedules; in particular, the Week-ahead Dispatch Schedule (WDS), the Non-Response Schedule (NRS) and the Price-Responsive Schedule (PRS).

Load Forecast Methodology

The process and methodology we use to prepare the demand forecast is made available to the Electricity Authority and to the public.

HVDC Transfer

What Restricts HVDC Transfer

At times the transfer across the HVDC can be restricted to less than its technical maximum capability due to physical or market conditions.

We are now reporting monthly on what causes restrictions on HVDC transfer. The document below provides background information on HVDC transfer restrictions. The link to HVDC Utilisation Reporting contains the monthly reports within our Market Insights page.

Task analysis form

Use this page to quickly and easily submit your Task Analysis form. 


If you prefer, you may also download a pdf copy of the form, complete it manually, scan it, and then email it back to your Transpower representative.


Use the following chart when completing your risk analysis below.

Personal Protective Equipment - required for task
Sequence of basic job steps:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10
Step 11
Step 12
Emergency Procedures:
Injury or fire:

Pre-start and sign on form

Easily fill out and submit this form online to prior to beginning your day's work.


If you would prefer, you may print, complete, scan, and email the form to your Transpower representative using the pdf below.

Emergency Procedures:
Pre-start inspection record
Review the risks:
Identify risks associated with the hazards created by the task, weather, ground conditions, or others.