Pre-start and sign on form

Easily fill out and submit this form online to prior to beginning your day's work.


If you would prefer, you may print, complete, scan, and email the form to your Transpower representative using the pdf below.

Emergency Procedures:
Pre-start inspection record
Review the risks:
Identify risks associated with the hazards created by the task, weather, ground conditions, or others.

Site Specific Safety Plan

Use this form to submit your Site Specific Safety Plan. Please note that you must submit this form and receive approval from Transpower prior to any work activity commencing.


If you prefer to fill out a printed version of this form, download and print the pdf file contained on this page. You must then scan and email the completed form to the Transpower representative responsible for your contract. Work may not commence until we have reviewed and approved the Plan.

We undertake as follows:
1. Workplace Control and Management:
2. Hazardous Works:
3. Risk and Hazard management:
4. Communication / Employee participation:
5. Emergencies:
6. Accident reporting, investigation and records:
7. Safety inspections and reviews:
8. Training or induction:
9. Subcontractors: