Outage Planning Reporting

Planned loss of supply and reduced security outages

This report provides a forward view of planned transmission outages that could involve a planned a loss of supply or n-security to our connected customers. We are providing this in addition to our usual outage communications and notifications. For up-to-date outage information, please use POCP (Planned Outage Co-ordination Process) which is updated every hour.

Security of Supply Analysis

Scenarios for Potential Thermal Fuel Supply Disruptions

Under the SoSFIP clause 13.2, the system operator must develop and make publicly available scenarios for potential thermal fuel supply disruptions. We have carried out this analysis using our existing Electricity Risk Curve and Simulated Storage Trajectory framework to show potential future hydro storage under certain thermal fuel restriction scenarios. These analyses can be found in the links below.


Options to relieve Central North Island transmission constraints

In a series of reports published in March 2016, we highlighted that transmission capacity from Bunnythorpe to Whakamaru is constrained by the capacity of the 110 kV Bunnythorpe–Mataroa and 220 kV Tokaanu–Whakamaru circuits.  With the decommissioning of thermal generation in the Auckland region, the risk of these constraints binding increases. 

We have identified some low cost options to relieve these constraints in the short-term which include: