Building near our assets - within the Auckland region

Development near National Grid assets has to be managed carefully so it does not create unacceptable safety risks, block Transpower’s access for vital maintenance and upgrade work (including emergency repairs), or otherwise restrict the efficient and safe operation of the Grid. 

The Auckland Unitary Plan is Auckland’s planning rulebook.  It contains rules for land use, subdivision and development near Transpower’s lines and substations. 

Building near our assets - outside of the Auckland region

General building and subdivision enquiries are typically managed by our Landowner Relations Advisors (LORA) and Landowner Liaison Officers (LOLO). Enquiries about sensitive activities (including residential uses), or development that requires, or may require, resource consent from council, are managed by Transpower’s Environment Policy and Planning Group (EPPG).

The most common types of land use and development enquiries we respond to include: