Response to 9 August 2021 Grid Emergency

On 9 Aug 2021 the country faced the largest demand peak in response to one of the coldest nights of the year. As system operator, we called a Grid Emergency when insufficient generation was available to meet demand, leading to some customers being disconnected. A number of reviews of this event are underway including an independent review commissioned by Transpower to help us understand the event and industry’s response on the night, to identify where we need to make changes.

RCP3 updates and disclosures

Information related to RCP3 will be updated here regularly.


Integrated Transmission Plan (ITP)

The ITP is a suite of documents outlining our ten-year plans. It brings together our services, expenditure forecasts and asset management plans. A link to each document is available below.



Information contained in the submission for Regulatory Control Period 1 may be found on the Commerce Commission website, here.

National Market for Instantaneous Reserves (NMIR) Refinement

NMIR was implemented to take advantage of the new HVDC controls that enabled reserve response from one island to cover AC events in the other island. These changes reduced the amount of reserves required to maintain system security, releasing more generation from the reserve market to the energy market, creating market benefits.