National Market for Instantaneous Reserves (NMIR) Refinement

NMIR was implemented to take advantage of the new HVDC controls that enabled reserve response from one island to cover AC events in the other island. These changes reduced the amount of reserves required to maintain system security, releasing more generation from the reserve market to the energy market, creating market benefits.

TPM Development Project questions & answers

We're here to answer your questions throughout the TPM development process. You can send questions to and read previous questions and answers here.

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Pre-proposal consultation and submission information

Prior to finalising our proposal we reached out to industry, special interest groups and members of the public to seek consultation on our RCP3 proposal. Our consultation document Securing Our Energy Future 2020 -2025 was provided at that time. We encouraged stakeholders to help us shape our RCP3 proposal and received submissions which may be viewed below.

RCP3 updates and disclosures

Information related to RCP3 will be updated regularly and can be found here.


Integrated Transmission Plan (ITP)

The ITP is a suite of documents that outline our ten-year plans and bring together our services and expenditure forecasts and asset management plans). You can find it at the following links.

Rangitata Flooding Event - Islington-Livingstone circuit outage

Four key transmission lines cross the Rangitata River supplying the Upper South Island (USI) and HVDC circuit. The flooding of this river on 8 December 2019 led to 9 transmission towers on the Islington-Livingstone section of the line sustaining extensive damage. Due to the extended period of time that it is expected to take to permanently repair the line, information from the System Operator will be published on this page.


Information on outages may be found in this section of our website.