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Distributed BESS in New Zealand – Power System Operational Implications – Technical Report

Advances in battery technology are expected to play an important role in enabling our energy future. Distributed Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in New Zealand examines the operational impact on the power system of the widespread adoption of these systems in conjunction with the large-scale uptake of solar PV and electric vehicle charging and identifies what is required to enable a successful integration and ensure a reliable fit-for-purpose power system.

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Keeping the power grid safe from solar storms

Transpower is playing a key role is determining how best to protect vulnerable power grids from devastating geomagnetic storms caused by extreme solar activity.

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Transpower is adapting the information and investigations process to better incorporate the opportunities offered by Transmission Alternatives (TAs), including distributed generation (DG), to provide services to our grid.

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Most of the transmission lines that make up New Zealand's National Grid are located on, or cross private land. We are committed to working with landowners/occupiers affected by our activities to minimise disruption to the normal use of your land.

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The role of peak pricing for transmission

The role of peak pricing for transmission

On 12 July 2018 the Electricity Authority wrote to Transpower offering “the opportunity to provide evidence as to whether or not the removal of the Regional Coincident Peak Demand (RCPD) charge [from the Transmission Pricing Methodology (TPM)] would have an adverse effect on the ability to meet peak demand”. 

We provided our response on 2 November 2018.