About Transmission Tomorrow

Transmission Tomorrow sets out our vision for how we can best prepare for unprecedented changes ahead in New Zealand's energy industry. To learn how the National Grid can meet the demands of the future, we've developed the materials below.


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2018 STAR Awards Judges

Francois Barton

Francois established and ran WorkSafe NZ’s national programme team, which has delivered major safety campaigns in construction, agriculture, forestry and manufacturing. He is currently the Executive Director for the Business Leaders’ Health and Safety Forum.

Market Insights

Transpower’s Market Insights team supports the operation of the wholesale electricity market, helps implement market initiatives, and investigates how future market developments may impact System Operations. This page is intended as a source for Electricity Market information we are able to make available to our external customers. This includes new types of information, as well as links to information posted elsewhere on the Transpower website.

Dispatch Service Enhancement Project

Transpower is updating its dispatch system and tools which will enable current GENCO participants to move to an alternate communication protocol for dispatch management.

Transpower is enabling dispatch over both ICCP or (RESTful) web services. These alternate dispatch protocols will allow participants who use ICCP to consolidate their communications, and enable smaller participants, for whom ICCP is not cost-effective, to be able to participate fully in the market and use a protocol that best fits their dispatch operation.

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The future brings with it an unprecedented set of challenges and opportunities. Learn how we intend to prepare our National Grid for the years and decades to come.