Renewable Generation

Tracking the amount of renewable generation being injected into the New Zealand power system is an important service we are performing as system operator.

The following information is updated weekly on a Tuesday and records the renewable energy on the power system over the last week, month and year.   For these graphs renewable generation is defined as generation where the fuel source is either hydro, geothermal or wind.

Formal Notices

Formal Notices are notices we send out to registered electricity market participants informing of events happening on the power system that require parties to take some action.

Formal notices are emailed out to registered electricity market participants.  Subscribe to this page to receive an email notification when a new Formal Notice is published.

On our website we publish the following types of formal notices:


We operate in communities across New Zealand, so it's important our business is sustainable for current and future generations.


We know that our transmission network impacts the environment; so we work hard to manage these impacts and to proactively protect, enhance and respect the environment.