What you need to know about us

There are two key parts to our business, which reflect New Zealand legislation requirements for the power system. As the Grid Owner, we own and operate the National Grid. As the System Operator, we are responsible for managing the real-time power system and operating the wholesale electricity market.

Electricity Market

We run the Electricity Market according to the principle performance obligations outlined by the Electricity Authority in the Electricity Industry Participation Code 2010 (the 'Code').

North Taranaki Interconnection Investigation: provide your input

Transpower is currently seeking input on how best to meet the future electricity supply needs of the northern Taranaki region. 

We are currently investigating options for continuing to provide reliable transmission to North Taranaki and New Plymouth. An asset is reaching its end-of-life stage and we think there is a better way to deliver North Taranaki its electricity than simply replacing the asset. 

The possible solutions and alternatives we are considering include demand response, new generation, site relocation, and other transmission options.