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Working at Transpower

Our work

We connect New Zealanders to their power system through safe, smart solutions for today and tomorrow. The power behind our business is people.

Our unique role in owning and operating our country's electricity transmission system makes for interesting work and cutting-edge projects that can have a major impact on many aspects of New Zealand life.

2017 Annual Report and Review

This 2017 Annual Review (online only) is an integrated report of our activities and their alignment to our strategic priorities. The 2017 Annual Report is a print-friendly PDF file that includes our chair and chief executive review, full financial statements, disclosures and independent auditor’s report. We are continually improving our statutory reporting documents to make them more accessible to a wider range of people, while our evolving approach to increased environmental and social governance (ESG) measures in our reporting.

Our history

The National Grid has been around in one form or another for over 100 years. Learn how we've been enabling our economy to grow, homes to stay warm, and lights to shine bright, all across New Zealand, with the interactive timeline below.


Our demand response programme

What is demand response?

Demand response allows electricity consumers to respond to a signal from an organisation, like Transpower, to reduce their electricity demand for a period of time in exchange for a payment.

It’s a win-win situation where consumers get compensated for their involvement and see lower charges long term, while helping Transpower manage demand on the grid.

To learn more about demand response and what our participants have to say, check out our introductory video: