Market impact assessment from changes to HVDC cost allocation

The methodology to allocate the HVDC costs to South Island (SI) generators was changed in 2015. This change involved transitioning from the peak-based metric (HAMI) to an average-based metric (SIMI) from the 2017/18 pricing year (PY). The allocation based on HAMI resulted in a strong incentive for SI generators to maintain generation below established HAMI levels (HAMI limits) thus avoiding increased allocation of HVDC costs. The change to SIMI was intended to reduce this incentive, thus increasing the availability of SI generation capacity.

Switch On! video campaigns

We work in high risk environments and making sure you get home at the end of day unharmed is our top priority. As part of Transpower’s commitment to this goal, we produce videos to help keep safety top of mind for our staff and those who work on our behalf.

Switch On: Return to Work 2018/19

We have prepared four videos for this year’s Return to Work meetings for our Service Providers.