Black Start

Black start is the first step in the process of system restoration in the unlikely event of an island-wide black-out.

Black start can only be carried out by a generating station that can self-start without requiring power from the grid. We need to have this service available in both islands so we could re-energise the power system, and allow other generation to connect, following such an event. 

We may enter into black start contracts with parties who can offer the black start service compliant with our technical requirements and the Code.

Proposed grid connection queue management system consultation

Electrification lies at the heart of New Zealand’s commitments to build a low carbon economy and deliver safe, reliable electricity for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Electrification of our economy offers a secure and affordable energy future for our country and a potential source of global competitive advantage. New Zealand has a wide range of renewable electricity generation sources, including wind, utility-scale solar, geothermal and hydro generation options.

System Operator Engagement

System Operator Engagement 

If you are connecting a generator or battery greater than 1MW in size anywhere in the New Zealand power system, grid or distribution network, you will need to engage with Transpower in our role as System Operator. 

TPM Development: Residual Charges and the Treatment of Batteries Options Consultation

Residual Charges and the Treatment of Batteries Options Consultation

This consultation sought feedback on how the residual charge should be applied for batteries, and for storage more broadly. We were told battery storage was something customers wanted us to carefully work through, and we wanted to give it full consideration as we developed a proposed new TPM. See below for the consultation document, and the 14 submissions and 4 cross-submissions received.

The Electricity Authority published two relevant documents on 22 March 2021:

Upper North Island Loads

Power system loads in the North Island north of Huntly (Zone 1) are displayed on this page to give power companies loading information across the zone.

This information is updated every five minutes. Due to the location of recording equipment at some sites, the load split between retailers for these zones is indicative only.

The historical Zone Load Peaks are winter and summer seasonal values and are reset at the change of seasons on 20 October and 10 May.


Information contained in the submission for Regulatory Control Period 2 may be found here