Planned outages

Transpower makes every effort to minimise disruption to communities when doing required work on our substations and lines. However there are times when a power outage is unavoidable. This is to ensure work can be completed safely by our people.

The information below is provided to assist people in preparing for a power outage. Even if there are no planned outages in your community, you should spend some time preparing for unplanned outages, which can happen at any time.

Asset Capability Statements (ACS)

An Asset Capability Statement (ACS) is an enduring schedule of information parameters about assets connected to the Power System.

Asset Owners are obliged to complete a relevant ACS whenever commissioning/decommissioning or modifying their assets.  To get a better understanding of the general Asset Capability Information requirements before completing one, refer to the following document.

Dispatch-Capable Load Station Setup

A dispatch-capable load station (DCLS), is an electricity-using device or group of devices that has been approved by Transpower's system operator and is capable of being dispatched.

The Electricity Industry Participation (Modified Dispatchable Demand) Code Amendment came into force at on Thursday 15 May 2014. This from this date purchasers able to apply to the System Operator to become a dispatch-capable load station (DCLS).