Types of connection

Identifying the type of service you require from New Zealand's National Grid will help us in informing our initial concept assessment to you.  If you want 24/7 'always on' type of service then that would steer your connection type to a solution with double-circuit connection and n-1 security in transformer and critical equipment.

Clutha Upper Waitaki Lines Project FAQs

Live line work

Live line work

Transpower temporarily suspended live line work on the National Grid in May 2017, while it assessed the practical implications of the new EEA Guide for the Assessment of Work Methods to Undertake High Voltage Overhead Line Work.

Following an investigation exploring the risk associated with different work activities, Transpower lifted the suspension in September 2018. Transpower has a series of live line techniques available for Service Providers, a full list is available below.

Value of Lost Load (VoLL) study

We have undertaken an investigation of the Value of Lost Load (VoLL) to inform our expenditure decisions and regulatory applications.

VoLL represents the economic value, in dollars per MWh, that a consumer places on electricity they plan to consume but do not receive because of a power interruption.  It is different in concept to the price consumers pay in the wholesale and retail markets for electricity.  Both the wholesale and retail prices reflect consumers’ demand for electricity, whereas VoLL reflects consumers’ demand to avoid power interruptions and its consequences. 

Grid capability and configuration

Interconnection asset reports: Capacity and Grid Configuration, and Availability and Reliability

This .pdf contains the grid asset capacity and configuration report published under 12.118, and the availability and reliability report published under 12.127 (refer page 37 onwards of the report below).

Transmission Planning Report - July 2017

Transpower regularly publishes a Transmission Planning Report (TPR) which details the grid asset capability over the next 15 years.

We have evolved our TPR this year to include a Grid Enhancement Approach. These new sections, in each regional chapter, provide more detail on active and potential investment investigations, linking the current investigation status to our planning processes and portfolio funding.