Pole 2 Control System Commissioning

Following the successful commissioning of Pole 3 prior to winter 2013, Transpower will following the same principle of 'information to all, at the same time' and will use the customer advice notice (CAN) process as the main vehicle to achieve the commissioning of Pole 2's new control system.

All CANs that are released by the System Operator are emailed to a distribution list and posted on the System Operator website.  Those related to testing for Pole 2 are also replicated here.

View CANs on System Operator

General feedback and queries received by the commissioning team (that aren’t related to contract negotiations) will be published online along with Transpower’s response.

The Commissioning Industry Advisory Group (CIAG) currently consists of representatives from generators and some lines companies, but other market participants are welcome to join. The group has been meeting since 2010 and is a key group for discussing the practical and more detailed elements of both Pole 3 and Pole 2 control system commissioning.

View documents relating to the CIAG