Pole 2 Re-commissioning test programme

Pole 2's control system must be tested for transfer capacity, duration and flow and integration with the wider system before Pole 2 can be re-commissioned into the market.

Following Pole 3's successful commissioning at the end of May 2013, we are now working on replacement of Pole 2's control system to bring it up to the operability and flexibility of that controlling Pole 3.  To bring Pole 2 back on line from mid-September 2013, we will need to embark upon a similar testing process as we have taken for Pole 3. 

Document Version Comments
Test Plan [ xlsx 44.26 KB ] 26/11/13 Test Plan
Test Schedule Days 77 to 80 [ xlsx 11.59 KB ] 26/11/13 Timings for each fortnight of tests
Retest Schedule 9 and 10 December [ xlsx 10.73 KB ] 06/12/13 Retest scheduled for 9 and 10 December 2013
Guide to Test Plan [ pdf 202.6 KB ] 21/8/13 Guide to test plan