Permit Recipient (Online) Course


Course Information

The Permit Recipient (PR) course is required by anyone carrying out the role of a Permit Recipient in substations. The PR course is made up of 4 sections and should be completed in the following order.


There is an 3 hours of learning time required to complete the e-learning modules and the Trainer Discussion. There are assessments in addition to this including a research project, written assessment and an on-job observation.  

All THREE (3) e-learning modules, the Written Assessment and the Research Project must be completed before you can book your Trainer Discussion. 

You must allow at least TWO (2) weeks from submission of your Written Assessment and Research Project before the Trainer Discussion to allow your trainer time to review them. 



Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of  Transpower  Access  Permit  and Test Permit procedures. 

  • Act as the  Recipient for an Access Permit or Test Permit.   


Guidance for supervisors conducting the On-job Observation
(Section 4)

  • Supervisors who sign off the assessment tasks must hold a Permit Recipient competency or higher. Different Supervisors may verify each task, as long as they were the person who supervised the work on the day.  

  • Before being assessed, the learner must have received on-job training and have had the opportunity to perform the tasks under supervision. Assessment should only take place when the learner and employer agree the learner is ready and can be assessed safely. 

  • The person supervising the work on the day must directly observe the learner completing the assessment task. Each task has a supervisor verification statement. The Supervisor must sign this statement as evidence they observed the learner completing the task correctly. 

  • You should sign to verify successful completion of an assessment if you are satisfied that the learner has conducted their work safely and in accordance with all requirements of the work management procedures. 

  • You should not sign to verify successful completion if you have any concerns that the learner failed to meet or understand the requirements of the job and requires more training. 

  • While training and not being assessed, the learner may ask questions and seek guidance or advice from you, or other members of the work party.   

  • Under assessment conditions, the learner should demonstrate their understanding of the task without the close guidance you would give in training. You should be prepared to support or take a leadership role if necessary or if asked to do so. 

  • If the learner does require training guidance in the performance of the task, then the assessment should cease so that training can continue.   

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