HVDC Inter-Island Link Project

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About this project

We have constructed and installed new AC/DC converter equipment at Benmore (South Island) and Haywards (North Island) substations to increase capacity of the high voltage direct current (HVDC) inter-island link.

The new converter equipment, known as Pole 3, replaces the Pole 1 equipment at both substations with state-of-the-art thyristor valve units. The HVDC Pole 3 project, worth up to $672 million, was commissioned over the 2013 year (Pole 3 by 30 May).

How it impacts your electricity bill

We expect the cost of the project on all New Zealand consumers to be up to about $13.20 a year (or about $1.10 a month) for an average consumer.  Over the longer term this cost will reduce.