Operations Customer Portal (OCP) Programme

Last updated: 28 May 2024

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What is the Operations Customer Portal Programme?Background informationProgramme Timeline
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What is the Operations Customer Portal?

The Operations Customer Portal (OCP) is the System Operator managed web-based platform for customer facing applications. OCP allows information to be submitted and shared between the System Operator and industry participants. The platform hosts several applications that serve different System Operator business functions and information requirements.

Background information

Transpower, in its role as System Operator, is responsible for managing several statutory and operational business functions, including Automatic Under-Frequency Load Shedding (AUFLS), Asset Capability Statements (ACS), Planned Outage Coordination Process (POCP), New Zealand Generation Balance (NZGB), and Dispensation & Equivalence Arrangements (D&E, currently known as the System Operator Register (SO Register)). These tools have reached their end of life, and the System Operator is currently progressing a programme of work moving these applications to a new Operations Customer Portal. 

The new portal supports the System Operator strategy to improve the way information is shared with industry participants. It will help to reduce manual workarounds; improve assessment workflows where required in the tools; allow for a diverse and updated data sets (incl. wind and solar) and filtering; self- management of users and access permissions; and create a supported application based on modern technology that is scalable.

Several of the applications are now available in the Operations Customer Portal. These include ACS, AUFLS, POCP, NZGB and SO Register. Refer to the related links below to access the Operations Customer Portal or the related Transpower web pages, which cover support information, including user guides and training videos.

The expected delivery timeframe moving the applications to the portal is documented in the table below.

Programme Timeline

Business Function/ApplicationExpected Delivery Timeframe
AUFLSJuly 2021 (Completed)
ACSDecember 2021 (Completed)
POCP12 July 2022 (Completed)
NZGB3 November 2022 (Completed)
SO Register (formerly known as D&E)17 October 2023 (Completed)

Contact Us

If you have any queries regarding the OCP programme, please contact the OCP Programme Manager at [email protected]

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