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thermally uprate
Thermal uprating increases the operating temperature of a line to allow more current to be carried. To maintain safety clearances, this typically requires the conductors to be retensioned.
Towers are support structures that have crossarms to hold the conductors clear of the ground. Towers are sometimes referred to as pylons.
A static electric device consisting of a winding or two or more coupled windings which transfer power by electromagnetic induction between circuits of the same frequency, usually with changed values of voltage and current. A term used in TP.MS 20.06 to include oil-immersed transformers (distribution, earthing, local service, power or generating, but excluding instrument) and oil-filled voltage regulators, reactors and associated components.
transmission circuit
Each transmission line carries one or two transmission circuits (and on rare occasions, three or four). Each circuit comprises a set of three conductors (wires) and is an electrical connection between two substations.