Te Mauri Hiko Monitoring Report - Q2 Review

In 2018 Transpower launched Te Mauri Hiko, to start a discussion on New Zealand’s Energy Future.

Taking a scenario-based approach, we considered what the future may look like in the year 2050 as a mechanism to understand the

opportunities and discussions stakeholders need to focus on.

Significant geo-political and technological change are likely to increase future uncertainty, so it is critical we monitor the signs and drivers that underpin our scenarios. This active intelligence gathering will provide insight to help us identify both likely to be realised future scenarios, as well as new and divergent alternative scenarios.

This new quarterly report is designed to identify, within key drivers of Te Mauri Hiko, those factors that are consistent— or vary— from the expected course of our scenarios. We aim for this to be a discussion and an industry resource like Te Mauri Hiko, so we welcome feedback and suggestions on how to improve our monitoring.

If you have comments please send them to: TeMauriHiko@transpower.co.nz.


Te Mauri Hiko Monitoring Q2 Review [ pdf 893.02 KB ]