Whakamana i Te Mauri Hiko - Empowering our Energy Future.

In March 2020, we launched Whakamana i Te Mauri Hiko - Empowering our Energy Future.​ The report urges the energy sector to combine optimism with urgency to transform New Zealand and its economy through electrification. It shows how accelerated electrification stands to provide a stronger, more reliable system with much lower reliance on fossil fuel imports at the same time as cutting average household energy costs. 

In August 2020, we updated our central scenario to take into account announcements around the future of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter and present that in the brochure below. 

You can read more about our strategy, Transmission Tomorrow, to enable the low carbon energy future set out in  Whakamana i Te Mauri Hiko, here