Who can I nominate?

Nominations for the STAR Awards 2021 have now closed, with judges assessing the 66 entries before announcing finalists in late January. We are grateful to those that made nominations, using this information as a guide:


Keep your eye out for people and teams that you work with who are leading the way with excellent health, safety and wellbeing behaviours and performance, helping get everyone working for Transpower home safely every day.

Ideas about people to nominate for a STAR Awards:

  • someone who takes personal responsibility or leadership regarding safety, going beyond business as usual
  • a teammate who came up with an innovation in a work practice or process to improve safety
  • people who developed and introduced improvements in our operating processes
  • those who designed assets to be safer
  • project-related initiatives that reduce risk or lead to safer outcomes
  • a team that has shown outstanding safety awareness
  • an organisation that weaves a commitment to safety throughout its whole business
  • and plenty more - the examples are endless.

Who can do the nominating?

Anyone can nominate an individual, team or their team leader for a STAR Award, but cannot nominate themselves or their own team.

The Awards and Awards nomination process are open to everyone who has done work for Transpower - that includes Service Providers, consultants, contractors, subcontractors, and Transpower employees. Essentially, it doesn't matter who you work for, just that you were doing Transpower work.


Why should I nominate someone for a STAR Award?

Safety is one of our core values, and we believe that a job is well done only if it is completed safely. Whether we are working in the field or in an office, we all have a role to play in this.

By recognising and rewarding safety-focused behaviours, we can all contribute to and encourage an injury-free workplace. If you see an example of excellent safety-related behaviour, please take the time to nominate someone by 5pm on Friday 20 November 2020.


STAR Awards Categories

Check out the six categories for the STAR Awards 2021.