Switch On! video campaigns

Over the last year we've launched three Switch On video campaigns - 'Return to Work' in January 2016, the 'Report it!' near miss reporting series and most recently, our pre-Christmas/Return to work 2017 series...

Switch On: Christmas/Return to Work 2017

Video 1: Make the Right Call

This video is about staying switched on and managing the busy-ness, stress and tiredness that is often part of the December/Pre-Christmas period.


We suggest you present it as the lead in to a Q&A session with your teams on how they can manage the pressure of this time, and make the right call when they need to.

Video 2: Switch Off - Recharge

A reminder that time off over Christmas/New Year break is your time - an opportunity for you to switch off from work, spend time with your friends and family and recharge...



Video 3: Return to work - Switch on!





Video 4: Healthy eating




Video 5: Stay hydrated!



Switch On: Report It!

This campaign includes four videos with different themes. In each one, a worker from Electrix shares a story about a near miss they’ve experienced and what they learnt from it.

Report It! Public safety


Near Miss: Public Safety - presentation support document

Report It! Working at heights


Near Miss: Working at Heights - presentation support document


Report It! Electric Shock


Near Miss: Electric Shock - presentation support document


Report It! Driving


Near Miss: Driving - presentation support document


Switch On! Return to Work 2016

Our Switch On! Return to Work campaign is designed to help workers think about how they can remain focused, safe, and healthy on the job. You can find videos and resources related to the campaign below.

Switch On! full presentation




Switch On! video 1



Switch On! video 2



Switch On! video 3



Switch On! video 4