Sensitivity Schedules PoC Feedback Form

Transpower in its role as system operator, has undertaken a Proof of Concept (PoC) for publication of sensitivity schedule information. The overall goal of Sensitivity Schedules is to better inform all market participants and consumers on the sensitivity of spot prices to load and wind uncertainty which in turn may help guide production, consumption and risk management decisions. This PoC is a step towards this goal.

The PoC is a low-cost prototype for industry to test the value of this information. Feedback provided will help inform decisions regarding the potential future design of a full Sensitivity Schedules solution.

The PoC runs from 3rd August to 30th October 2020 and is published here.

The following questions act as a guide only, please feel free to provide additional comments and feedback.

Please direct any other feedback and questions to the Transpower Market Insights Helpdesk: with subject line: ‘Sensitivity Schedules POC’.

Please rank the forecast schedules you would like to see Sensitivity Schedules applied to.
Use a ranking from 1-4 where ‘1’ is most useful, ‘4’ is not useful at all.